Welcome to the ICTD group at the University of Michigan School of Information! We learn, teach, and conduct research in the area of information and communication technologies and development. By “information and communication technologies,” we mean advanced technologies for information processing and communication — usually, but not always based on digital technologies; by “development,” we mean human development defined broadly — often concerned with the socio-economic development of the world’s poorer communities, but also involving a broader understanding of human flourishing in a range of contexts.

Our work is interdisciplinary, involving activities such as the design and engineering of computing systems for community development; the qualitative study of specific groups and the ways they engage with technology; or the experimental evaluation of tech-assisted programs to support human development. Though most of our work involves aspects of both technology and development, the degree to which either aspect is emphasized depends on the project.

If you have any questions or comments about our work, feel free to get in touch!

We are grateful to the following organizations for their support: