How do we solve problems when our A-list of tools are swept away? – The Connectivity Lab

The Connectivity Lab is a lab where students, NGOs, and technology companies are able to test and train for the technologies used in developing countries and disaster response.

Facebook has given the Connectivity Lab access to the “2G Tuesdays” software they developed with Ericsson.  Additionally, the lab has collaborated with the University of Waterloo this summer to design the space and initial simulation scenarios. Currently, the lab has a pilot location with plans to find a permanent space in 2018.

As it’s refined, the lab will allow UMSI and partners to “dial up” the network of any country region and with any disaster scenario, such as the recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and then emulate what it would be like to solve problems using technology under those conditions. The goal of the lab is to teach future IT leaders at UMSI how to co-develop technology that is relevant for third world countries, or first world countries experiencing a disaster.  NGOs involved in disaster relief are invited to run training scenarios in the lab, and technology companies will also have the ability to test devices and software for use in developing countries and disaster situations.

For more information about the Connectivity Lab, please contact Edward Happ.

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